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ACH Payment Processing VS Non-3Ds Payment Gateway to Merchant Account

A payment Gateway Solution comprises of the political, cultural, economic, and business practices and arrangements that are used within a market economy to determine the store and exchange value or ownership of goods and services. In simpler terms, a payment gateway acts as a mediator between buyers and sellers in an online market.

However, over the last few years, Singapore’s payment systems have evolved because of the continuous progress in technology, changing needs of its consumers, and the development of new financial activities. It has been exponentially changed from the one that is fully based on paper and cash transactions to one today that has a diverse range of cashless payment instruments, as well as efficient and reliable clearing and settlement systems.

ACH payment solution is electronic payments that are processed by going through the Automated Clearing House. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) based in Singapore operates generously in the Singapore Dollar Cheque Clearing System, the United States Dollar Cheque Clearing System, and the Interbank GIRO System. The operations of the ACH are contracted to the Banking Computer Services Ltd (BCS).

Being a merchant who specifically deals in Singapore, having an Automated Clearing House Payment Processing Solution is nothing less than a blessing.  Unfortunately, getting access to ACH Payment Processing for their business is a troublesome task for the merchants.

But to solve every problem of yours, we at Paycly are here to help you out. With PayCly’s payment processing solutions you can let your business grow and flourish. We offer support to the merchant needs and help them to speed up the process of a transaction. ACH solutions with Paycly is one of the most efficient and effective ways of providing quick payment transaction services to the merchants and enables their fund transfer quickly, without worrying about any certain risks of chargebacks and online frauds

Why do you need an ACH Payment Processing Solution:

  • It helps you to increase your payment processing capabilities
  • It allows you to get payments from your customers in a timely manner.
  • With an ACH payment solution, you can incorporate check readers.
  • You can protect the credit rating of your business
  • It minimizes the check payment acceptance period
  • It aids to stop fraud by following PCI-DSS standards

How does payment through ACH works?

Once the customer makes a request to process a transaction and asks for authorization, the merchant then authorizes the request and provide either verbal, written, or digital authorization of the payment. After the authorization is completed, the customer needs to lodge their payment via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. An ACH payment solution sends the money to the RDFI (Receiving Depository Financial Institution) for processing the check payments. The merchant receives their funds and provides the goods or services to the customer


With Paycly, the merchants get the benefit of having smooth and flexible payment transactions through our efficient ACH payment solutions and provide higher growth to the businesses. With such a payment solution, customers and merchants both are flexible and are willing to use this. PayCly helps you to get access to the best ACH Payment Processing in Singapore and try to fulfill your business needs. For any further query, feel free to contact us, and our expert team will help you solve your every confusion and will assist you at every step.

Non-3Ds Payment Gateway

Just like a normal bank account, a Merchant account is a similar bank account especially for those merchants who deal in an online business. Having a merchant account helps the businessmen to accept the payments by debit or credit cards. However, acquiring one for your business is not an easy task and the problems arise 10 times when the business you deal in is considered as high-risk.

Not only this. While opting for such an account, but it is also imperative for you to understand the basics.  Payment Gateway is of two types. They are 3D & 2D Payment Gateway. Let’s read further to get a wider perspective of it.

What is 2D Payment Gateway?

Under this account, customers can easily do transact online without a time password and without a security check. It is safe and hassle-free and can be done through debit, credit cards, and other ways of e-payments.

What is 3D Payment Gateway?

3D Payment Gateway is an account where customers do online transactions with a time password and with a security check is important. It can be used country by country. Furthermore, it is user friendly and secure. Any kind of card payment that processes through direct service is 3D payment.


What is Non-3Ds Payment Gateway?

  1. Non-3D Payment Gateway acts as a merchant between customer and business owners. It is fast and user friendly, however comes with security levels.
  2. High risk and low-risk businesses both can use such payment gateway
  3. It is used for many business owners to keep their online transactions safe and secure.
  4. Is true that the security level in Non-3D is low, but fortunately it works fats and makes it easy to integrate with several banks.
  5. It is supported by all web platforms internationally.

Benefits of Paycly’s Non-3Ds Payment Gateway

  • International Payment Gateway is can be used by both high and low-risk businesses.
  • It works on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • 2D Payment Gateway has specific measures to keep a thorough check on the transaction. This process is done directly between merchants and banks without a one-time password.
  • Fast Application Approval. It might be longer for Offshore Applications.
  • Faster Settlements are also available such as Daily, Weeklyand Monthly. This is fixed by our acquiring banker depending upon Volume, Chargeback ratio, and Business history.
  • Enables the merchants to collect Payments in Multi-currencies
  • Last but not least, a Real-time transaction report can be downloaded from the Dashboard in Excel and PDF format.



Services of Non-3Ds Payment

  • The International Non-3Ds payment gateway provides many kinds of services like a credit card, virtual terminal, E-check but, not one-time password.
  • Integration is easy with Paycly
  • International Payment Gateway stores the data, processes, or transmits cardholder data.
  • In Addition to this, 3Ds payment gateway has high security and more convenience.
  • Thus, a payment gateway is the third party merchant account.

Apply for a  2D Payment Gateway with Paycly and allow your business to boost and flourish in the markets of Singapore. Do contact our customer care number if you have any further queries regarding our services and procedure. Our professional experts will assist you in every step.


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